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key2 Tooth Whitening is a procedure that can only legally be carried out by a dentist. Tooth whitening kits bought on the internet or over the counter can only legally contain 0.1%hydrogen peroxide. This is not a concentration that will have any noticeable effect on the colour of teeth.   On 31 October 2012, the EU… Read more »


key2 Posted by & filed under Whitehall Views. New Chair My dentist he has a new chair, Tilting and swinging and taking care Of every toothy emergency. It can’t take away the threatening noise Of drills and bits from dental boys However sweetly maskly smiling. I want a chair with a tilting hand Sliding to a never never land Where fairies gently stroke… Read more »

Autumn Update from Kenya

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Below is an update from the work we support in Kenya:     ‘Hello sir, We are doing well in the project. Have had dental camps organized and our school oral health program is doing well.  Our recent dental camp saw 2350 mouths screened and over 200 extractions done. Colgate supports our programme by donating toothbrushes,… Read more »

NO DRILL FILLING – Teeth to repair themselves!

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This is big news that has been released by media circles and I am sure our patients will be wanting to know more. Academics from Kings College, London, have discovered that introducing an electric current to teeth pushes minerals into the decay site, essentially allowing the tooth to repair the site naturaly. This process is… Read more »


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Ever wished your teeth looked straighter? The inman aligner provides a great way to treat and correct crowded front teeth. It is a fast way to align the teeth and has revolutionised our treatment options for such cases. Take a look at the case we did recently:  

Tooth Whitening Offer

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  With wedding season on it’s way we would like to offer this great deal on tooth whitening. The offer is available from April to July 2014. For new patients we will also include your initial consultation, worth £80, as a dental assessment will be required. SPECIAL OFFER  – £185  Professional Tooth whitening course (normal… Read more »