Dental Implants

Treatment Preparation:

The success in implant treatment is all down to the planning. Every patient is given a full itemised plan following detailed clinical records of Intra-oral x-rays, study models, photographs and for some cases a CBCT 3-D scan.
Our treatment plan is made with the patient’s best interest in mind and every case requires a tailored consultation that patients find really reassuring to understand treatment modalities, time frames and how implants are suited to them.

The process:

To place an implant in the jaw-bone requires a small surgical procedure under local anaesthetic. In some cases a bone graft is required and this allows more support for the implant long term. The implant is left to integrate before it is used to support a new crown or bridge. It can take 3-6 months in some cases before the final tooth is fitted, and we have learnt that being particular on this allows far superior long term results.

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