Healthy gums and Prevention

Clean teeth and healthy gums are not just an important part of how your teeth and smile look, they are also the cornerstone of good dental health.
In the UK gum disease accounts for around 75% of the teeth lost in adults and yet is easy to prevent.

To help our patients maintain clean teeth, healthy gums and good oral health, our patients can see our hygienist as often as necessary, usually every three months to a year, depending on their needs.

Children too can see our hygienist for help and encouragement in looking after their teeth, hopefully avoiding such problems starting.

Saving Teeth

Sometimes it may well seem that the easiest way of resolving a painful or problematic tooth is to lose it. However, a little time and effort saving a tooth and restoring both comfort and function can pay dividends in the future and save the time and expense of having to replace missing teeth at a later date.

The severe pain of an inflamed pulp or dental abscess can be resolved with a root filling. We use exacting clinical techniques and equipment for this treatment provision, and we cannot stress enough the difference this makes to success.

A badly broken down tooth may be restorable with a bonded tooth coloured filling or a crown. Loss of support caused by gum disease can often be stabilised and sometimes reversed with the help of gum treatment from a hygienist.

Oral Surgery and Sedation

Sometimes there is no other option but to lose a tooth, as well as other reasons to require a surgical procedure. As a practice that delivers implant surgery, we have the best surgical experience to ensure any surgical procedure is performed to exacting standards, in a calm and relaxed environment.

For nervous patients or procedures that require a longer surgical procedure, we are able to offer sedation under the provision of a specialist anaesthetist.


Dentistry has evolved to be able to provide fixed solutions to missing teeth, but the art of making good denture prosthetics is very much a skill set that this practice prides itself on. We are privileged to work alongside a Clinical Dental Technician, Colin Sawyer, giving us the added benefit of perfecting the intimate details that are necessary to result in the most life like, comfortable prosthesis.

Whether it is full or partial dentures, or implant retained dentures, our practice loves delivering the best results for these cases.

Children’s Teeth

We have a philosophy that all children should be launched in to adulthood with strong teeth, gold standard prevention and a perfect smile. We love journeying with families as their children grow up and our ideology of proactive dental care has proved the best strategy for success.

Managing a child with dental diseases, such as decay that requires fillings, is one of the most challenging aspects of dentistry. But if you get them on side in their early years, and implement healthy prevention strategies, success is a given! We take great joy in knowing how much the kids enjoy visiting our practice.