Saving Teeth

Dental Implants


Dental Implants are becoming the ultimate treatment of choice for providing new teeth where there are spaces in important areas, or to help secure dentures so they feel like your own teeth!

The procedure involves placing a titanium implant in to the bone space and leaving it to integrate. A new tooth that is like a crown tooth is then held in by the implant. If used for securing dentures then a special attachment is used that the denture grips on to.

There are certain requirements in order for a patient to be able to have implants – mainly that they are fit and well for a surgical procedure, and that there is good bone to work with, although grafting procedures can be used. On top of routine assessment a detailed examination takes place before even committing to the implant procedure – involving:

  • Plaster models of the mouth (£55)
  • Wax up of teeth on models to help prosthetic planning (£30 per tooth)
  • Surgical guides (£120)
  • Radiographic stents (£70)
  • Likely Cone Beam CT scan to enable 3-Dimensional planning (referral basis and image used on specialised dental software for surgical planning)

‘Jonathan. The care and attention that you went to when restoring my mouth for implants has been amazing. I wish I had taken up this treatment years ago having suffered with missing teeth for too long. It is such a joy to be able to eat like they are my own teeth and has been worth all the effort of having treatment. I wish you every success as you develop in your career with implant dentistry. I certainly will be recommending this treatment to everyone I meet. Thank you. Mr F.’