Retaining Dentures

Treatment preparation:

For people with very few or no teeth, a full mouth x-ray is used to assess the bone quality and is imperative for planning where the implants are to be placed. Models are also taken of the mouth and existing dentures are used for planning.

This is very much a team approach. We work alongside a ‘Clinical Dental Technician’, who sees the patient directly in the clinic, to plan the prosthetics and finish the final restorations.

Treatment Process:

A surgical procedure is required to place the implants in the jaw bone, The implants are left buried under the gum for up to 3 months, in which time the patient can still use their dentures satisfactorily.

A second surgery is required to place locators on to the implants. This is a very straight forwards process. The new teeth are then made to fit the locators and when they are in they feel like fixed teeth.

Studies have shown that the patient has far superior biting forces and control using this system. It truly does change their lives. The benefit is that the teeth can still be removed to maintain optimum hygiene and maintenance, which in turn offers a high level of predicable outcome.

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