Visualise the ‘after’

If you are tired of having misaligned, crooked, or overlapping teeth, Invisalign provides a highly effective solution. The leading clear aligner system in the world, it has been helping patients achieve straighter smiles since the 1990s. These clear braces are incredibly discreet and custom-made, so they are comfortable to wear and can be removed whilst eating.

Invisalign braces have no brackets or wires and have none of the disadvantages associated with metal braces. You will wear every set for a week before exchanging them with the series so your teeth gently move into place. Typically Invisalign braces are worn for a total of four to six months.

During our treatment, we can offer patients realistic visualisations of their potential future smiles. This is a great way to allow our dentists to show you what the treatment may involve.

Our state-of-the-art iTero scanner can capture images of your teeth and allow us to play out your Invisalign journey on-screen step-by-step. Digital scanning allows for precise images that are far more accurate than traditional impressions. The speed also allows for a quicker start to your treatment. There is no additional cost to you for using this service.

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Align, Bleach Bond (ABB)

Are you looking for a cost-effective and fast teeth straightening and whitening solution? Align, Bleach Bond does not involve veneers or tooth removal to fix cosmetic issues.

Unlike porcelain veneers that can involve permanently altering the teeth for placement, ABB treatment can offer a fresh smile without the need for tooth preparation. This is a three-stage treatment, perfect for people struggling with imperfections.

The steps in the ABB treatment are as follows:

  • Alignment: Our procedure involves aligning the teeth using clear aligners such as Invisalign to achieve optimal straightness. These clear braces offer excellent results and can straighten teeth in a discreet and safe way.
  • Bleaching: During the second stage of the treatment, we perform teeth whitening to enhance the brightness of your teeth. We use a number of clinically proven teeth whitening systems, and our dentists can advise you regarding the best options for your needs.
  • Bonding: Finally, we shape the teeth using composite bonding or make corrections to crooked or broken teeth, completing the transformation process.

Why choose ABB treatment?

ABB treatment is particularly advantageous because it prevents irreversible alterations to the tooth structure. Other advantages include:

  • It is an affordable and cost-effective alternative to other procedures
  • Teeth do not need to be prepared
  • Perfects the bite and positioning of the natural teeth
  • No drills or injections are used, and it is minimally invasive
  • Fantastic results can be achieved in a matter of months
  • Whitening work is carried out during straightening
  • Gain a natural-looking and straighter smile

ABB treatment can significantly improve the appearance of the teeth, and our dentists will be able to offer a personalised assessment of the advantages in individual cases.

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