Our fees are based on treatment time and complexity. In some cases, we can offer patients finance options and in all cases a full written estimate is given to patients.


*Children and infants will only be seen if a family member is registered and attends regularly. Orthodontic extractions and advanced procedures incur additonal fees

**See terms for Plan Patients in separate brochure.

This fee list acts as a guide as all procedures will be given an estimate on assessment.

Dental Plan

At Whitehall House Dental Practice we offer dental plans that are tailored to your needs, with our focus on high quality preventive care. Each patient is assessed individually and can be put on a dental plan that is suited to their dental health requirements.
Benefits of cover:

  • Routine Dental Health Assessments
  • Hygienist therapy and preventive care
  • All in surgery x-rays included
  • 15% off treatment fees for in-surgery procedures (e.g. fillings, root treatments, tooth whitening)
  • 10% off laboratory based procedures (crowns, bridges, dentures, splints)
  • Prescription medication dispensed at the surgery
  • 10% off oral health products purchased at the surgery
  • UK ‘out of hours’ dental emergency call out cover. We are members of a private emergency cover, ‘teladent’, and all our patients receive the benefit of this service.
  • Worldwide dental emergency cover in case of a problem whilst away from home
  • Trauma / accident related damage to teeth covered

As usual, Jonathan and the practice go out of the way to give service. I have been terrified of Dentists since childhood (having had one dentist called Dr Hell did not help!), and since coming to Whitehall have never had pain inflicted. Worth every penny of the Dental Plan


Dear Jonathan, I want to give you a big hug to say thank you for making me overcome my anxiety towards dental work. As you know I was petrified when I first saw you and now I feel I can do anything. I am so pleased you managed to save that back tooth as I know it was a challenge. Thank you also for seeing my son. When he came home he said that the appointment was ‘great’! I am so pleased. Thank you

Mrs S

Dear Jonathan, Thought I’d send an email to say how thrilled my husband is that all his pain has now gone since you did the root canal treatment last week. He says he can now eat again on that side. Thank you