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Whitehall House Dental Practice is your local dental practice based in Wimborne and just a short drive from Broadstone. We offer patients throughout the local areas of Dorset a range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, using specialist techniques. We aim to make your trip to the dentist as stress-free, relaxed, and enjoyable as possible. Our small and friendly dental practice means you will never be left waiting or feel unhappy or uncomfortable at the dentist ever again,

We founded the practice over three decades ago and it is run by passionate dentist Jonathan Gollings. Jonathan, along with our highly-trained team of dental professionals, have the right blend of skills to ensure that you receive the best dental care. We want to promote great oral health and relationships with our patients. We will always allow plenty of time to ensure that your appointment is as relaxed and informative as possible.

We offer a whole range of dental treatments, including general dentistry, root canal treatments, dental implants, veneers and cosmetic crowns, denture, teeth straightening, tooth whitening, and fillings. Our dental treatments can completely change how you look and feel.

To find out more about our dental service or to book an appointment, please ring us now on 01258 857 789.

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Private dental practice near Wimborne

General dentistry at our dentists near Broadstone

Looking after your teeth and gums is an essential part of staying healthy. We always have our patients’ best interests at heart and always want their visits to us to be positive.

We welcome new patients from Broadstone and Wimborne and will complete a full dental record with x-rays, laboratory-made study models, and photos of their teeth. We used an advanced intra-oral camera to be able to see the tiniest details of your teeth and spot any issues early before they have the potential to cause you any issues. We can discuss your goals and aims with you, so if there is something you would like to change about your teeth, we will always be happy to discuss this with you.

Prevention is always better than a cure. Issues such as gum disease are one of the reasons why people lose teeth but with good brushing and if it is caught in the early stages, it is relatively easy to treat. We always advise regular dental appointments, so you can stay on top of your dental health. Combined with visits to the dental hygienist, this means we can look after our natural teeth for as long as possible.

We use tooth-coloured white fillings and exacting techniques for the best possible results. Where teeth cannot be saved, we can fit dental implants in a calm environment, using sedation with a specialist anaesthetist.

BH21 root canal treatments by specialist dentists

We will always try to save a tooth rather than lose it. If you need root canal surgery in Wimborne, we are the place to come. Many people shudder when they hear the words ‘root canal’ but we want to dispel this myth and provide easy and pain-free treatments for our patients.

What exactly is a root canal treatment? Also known as endodontics, a root canal treatment is a dental procedure used to treat the infection at the centre of a tooth. This can save a tooth that may otherwise need to be removed. Reasons for needing root canal treatment include tooth decay, repeated dental treatment on that tooth, a broken crown, loose fillings, or gum disease.

Root canal treatments normally take place over two or more visits and we can discuss exactly what we are doing.

Wimborne teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments

Would you like a brighter smile? We offer a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments in Wimborne that can transform your look and that look out for your long-term oral health. This includes cosmetic crowns and veneers, teeth straightening procedures, and teeth whitening.  Check out more on our patient info page.

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If you are looking for a new dentist in Wimborne, we would love to hear from you. We can be reached on 01258 857 789, or for dental emergencies, please call 07956 633 221. To receive a call back, please fill in a contact form.

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