Clear Aligners


You will have a thorough assessment including full mouth x-ray, clinical photographs and models of the teeth.

We take these models and using CAD/CAM technology produce an illustration of how we anticipate the alignment of teeth can look like at the end of treatment. You will see us for a separate visit to discuss this and have useful feedback on how many clear aligners are anticipated to complete the case.


To start treatment we create tiny amounts of space between teeth so that they can begin to move. Small tooth coloured tags of composite are bonded to the teeth to allow the aligners to give predictable movements. You are then given a series of ‘clear aligners’ that you wear every day. At 10-14 day intervals these aligners are swapped for the next in the series. During an average treatment plan, you will be asked to visit the surgery approximately every 6 weeks to review progress, and be given more aligners, until treatment is completed.

We insist that all treatments are then retained with a bonded wire behind the teeth, or a retainer to be worn at night.


This treatment is popular with adult patients. The best thing is that it is a non-invasive procedure and restores the smile as ‘your own’. In most we do some tooth whitening and composite bonding to finish things off to perfection.

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