FLOSSING – Professional Opinion

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Today in all the newspapers there are articles (from america) that state that flossing is unnecessary:   CLICK HERE TO SEE ARTICLE   Here is my view on this: It is hard to conduct a good clinical trial to show the significance that flossing has. ie You need a control group who are instructed to… Read more »

Children’s Teeth

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I welcome the news in the recent budget on increasing the tax paid on sugary drinks. It is alarming how bad things have got with respect to presentation of decay in the younger population. I think we are failing this generation with a seemingly lack of education on oral health issues. The consequences are dramatic… Read more »

Links on Oral Health and General Health

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Good oral hygiene and preventative care is not just because we are looking after the risk factors that affect the teeth, namely decay and gum disease. The link goes further than that. Here are some facts:   Heart Disease Several studies have shown that periodontal disease is associated with heart disease. While a cause-and-effect relationship… Read more »


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This article highlights something that I feel we are seeing more of nowadays – the effects of acidity on teeth. We have long been aware of the dangers of sugars, but I have to agree with this author, that the risk of acidic drinks and food  are having damaging effects on teeth. Read on ……. Read more »


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TREATING REFUGEES IN CALAIS – NOVEMBER 2015     In November I went to Calais with a colleague to treat the refugees who are suffering from horrific dental conditions. The situation for them is extremely sad and we had an incredible time helping them with their dental problems. A particularly moving moment was having two… Read more »


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September 2015  is Oral Health Month and the practice is focusing on ‘Children’s dentistry’. Offers that are running this month for Families are: 1. Come and pick up FREE educational materials for your children 2. New Patient Family Offer –  Initial Consultation £45 (usually £80) and Children of registered adult patients are seen for FREE 3…. Read more »