In November I went to Calais with a colleague to treat the refugees who are suffering from horrific dental conditions. The situation for them is extremely sad and we had an incredible time helping them with their dental problems. A particularly moving moment was having two Syrian refugees come over to us who were both dentists. It was very humbling to meet them and they were so helpful, staying with us all day, and assisting with translation, and even taking the odd tooth out under our guidance. Through dentaid a portable dental unit has been provided and all the necessary equipment to provide emergency dental care. Other dentists from around the country will be getting involved to go out periodically to use the facility, in particular a group called ‘Manchester Refugee crisis’, who helped pioneer getting the equipment stored in a caravan on the camp.

It is a privilege to be able to offer our professional skills to those who need it most. I am passionate about growing support for dentaid so more projects like this can be facilitated. I hope to go back out again in the New Year, and in the meantime am pleased to know that the care can be continued as a rota of volunteer dentists is set up.




This man had been suffering with dental infection for 2 years. The infections was so long-standing that it was now draining through the skin of his chin, of which, if we had an x-ray we would have seen huge defects in the jaw bone. By simply removing the infected teeth and cleaning the area, it will now heal and his suffering can come to an end. A big ‘thumbs up’ to that!!