I welcome the news in the recent budget on increasing the tax paid on sugary drinks. It is alarming how bad things have got with respect to presentation of decay in the younger population. I think we are failing this generation with a seemingly lack of education on oral health issues. The consequences are dramatic and devastating. 




  1. Brush twice daily with the correct fluoridated tooth paste
  2. Do not rinse away after brushing. Brush before breakfast and before bed time
  3. Do not consume sugary products in-between meals
  4. Ensure kids are well hydrated and offer water only in between meals
  5. Ensure kids have a good stable diet so that they are not encouraged to ‘graze’ (This is where they have snacks too often). Grazing is the biggest risk factor. Teeth need time to recover after eating anything
  6. Ensure your child visits the dentist often to check on the progression of the dental development and diagnose any changes early